Thursday, 24 October 2019

Vodacom rolls out South Africa’s first smart 4G feature phone

Vodacom rolls out South Africa’s first smart 4G feature phone

Telecommunications group Vodacom on Tuesday unveiled its new fourth-generation ( 4G ) smart feature phone, the Vodacom Vibe 4G.

The phone comes equipped with 150 MB of data a month for a 12-month period. It sells for just under R300.

“In the past six years, smartphone penetration has doubled from 30% to 60% as customers migrate from second-generation ( 2G ) devices to third-generation ( 3G ) and 4G smartphones.

To further drive this transition and help bridge the digital divide, we have now introduced South Africa’s first 4G feature phone for just R299, having launched the country’s first smart feature phone with a traditional keypad during the course of last year,” says Vodacom terminals managing executive Davide Tacchino.

The Vodacom Vibe 4G smart feature phone, a succession on Vodacom’s first smart feature phone, the Vodacom Vibe 3G, boasts a 2.8-inch display, an easy-to-navigate menu, a long battery life and a 2 MP rear camera.

Users are able to access social media and instant messaging, as well as a voice-over-WiFi capability and voice-over-long-term evolution, which will enable calls even when the 2G network is unavailable.

Customers have bought over ten-million Vodacom branded devices such as the Kicka range, the Aspire, and Vibe 3G, to name but a few. By launching an affordable branded suite of devices, our ultimate aim is to bring down the cost to communicate and to ensure digital inclusion for all,” Tacchino continues.

Vodacom states that its focus is not only on selling mobile devices. We want to create an ecosystem that enables our customers to access educational content. One solution to bring this into being is through Vodacom’s e-School as well as entertainment content, through Video Play
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